About me

I study the nature of intelligence in the universe. My passion is knowing and feeling curiosity and wonder at the magnificence and beauty of the world, at the mysteries of the universe, and the power and splendor of all life and intelligence. I work to build bridges between distant fields of knowledge. I am mostly self-taught, I've worked on multiple research projects, have written papers on theories and ideas regarding how the brain works and the fundamental nature of intelligence in the universe, one of which was cited in a recent talk on sentience by Manu HerrĂ¡n. I've had the opportunity to lecture at Oxford, presenting these ideas i'm working on to several post docs and post grads. My goal is that through our understanding of intelligence, we can create more of it in the universe.

My views on AI can be summed up as such:

I believe that the very thing that will generate true AGI may be directly connected to the fundamental force that generates all intelligence, life, and complexity in the universe.

I also believe that we likely can't understand the brain.

But you don't have to understand something to build it. For the same reason you don't have to understand how fire works in order to build a fire. You just need to understand how to generate the necessary initial conidtions for the fire to emerge.

In that sense you don't actually 'build' or 'create' a fire.

With the right conditions you allow a potential that was already dormant inside to be released.

I believe this is the true way to view artificial intelligence. In that true artificial intelligence will not be 'artificial'. But will be something truly alive. And that discovering artificial intelligence will also lead us to discovering what life truly is.

The current frontier of ideas i'm developing can be viewed here 'A New Theory Behind How Neurons Work'.

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  1. "To question, by definition, is to solicit information. To question everything, is to solicit all information." thats a perfect quote dude. Genius.