Friday, May 2, 2014

I could care less about the life on this planet.

From a complete rational perspective, I could careless about life on this planet.

At the moment i support advancement of renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar power.

At the moment I support Anti-deforestation.

But as soon as we are able to harness the power of a practically unlimited energy source such as fusion power, or highly efficient solar panels. I could careless about the well being of the other organisms of this planet.

When we reach this point in human advancement, I will gladly support demolishing forests thus causing mass extinction of multiple species to make room for more cities.

To combat the oxygen problem, simply build large bio-reactors that could pump out far more oxygen than any tree ever could.

If your worried about food such as meat, simply grow the meat with stem cells In large incubators. Giving us the ability to produce meat far faster than doing it "naturally".

I advocate rational exploitation of everything.

This is a test of your rationality.