Sunday, February 16, 2014

Heavier things do fall faster

Heavier=more massive
More mass=stronger gravitational pull
Stronger gravitational pull=faster acceleration 

Jupiters mass > earths mass
Jupiters gravitational pull > earths gravitational pull
Jupiters acceleration > earths acceleration

Then why do things seem to fall at the same rate? 
Because gravity is a very weak force, as in, it takes a lot to see a change.

The earth is MUCH bigger than the moon.
Yet when our austronauts walked on its surface, the difference in gravitational pull was almost unnoticeable.

If you can barely see a difference between the earth and the moon, what makes you think that you would see a difference between a tennis ball and a bowling ball?
The experiment Is inherently flawed.

Imagine if one dropped a black hole instead of a bowling ball?