Friday, May 30, 2014

Third person Experiment

So there is this idea i have been thinking about for quite sometime. What if you were to put on VR headset. Then have a quadrocopter with a camera mounted to its bottom, and have it follow you. And then stream the footage from the camera, to the VR headset.

You would have a full third person view of yourself. 

Now you may be thinking, whats the point, what useful application could this ever generate?

My answer to that question is, i don't know. The point of this experiment is not to generate some useful application (though i would like that to be a result).

The point of this experiment, is to expands ones view, ones outlook on the world. Imagine seeing yourself in third person. Imagine thinking moving your left hand, then you see this person out in the distance that the camera is focused on, move their hand. Wouldn't it be mind boggling to see something like that?  

Seriously! As your brain thinks, this other body...moves. 
I think as soon as a person puts this on, their brain would be trying to cope with this sudden wave of abnormality. There is no edge to the screen when wearing an Oculus rift. So you would be completely immersed into this, gods eye view.

I think this experiment experiment would further ones understanding as to who and what they are. They would realize that, that body out in the distance is not who they are, but is just something they control. 

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