The True Mirror Experiment

There is a experiment that I have been wanting to do for quite sometime.

After watching this video showing the clear neural activity of a zebra fish. 
I instantly thought "what if, I watched a live feed of my own neural activity? What would happen?"

Imagine seeing this live feed of a human brain, but that brain is your brain.

Imagine what it would look like, but better yet, as you observe your own neural activity. You will be actively changing the neural activity being displayed on the screen, which then changes what you perceive, which then changes your neural activity, which again changes what's being displayed on the screen which then further changes your neural activity.
Imagine the affects on your brain of the feedback loop created from the observation of your own brain computing the information in the form of neural activity that is you observing. 

It would be like looking in a mirror, but the mirror would not be a reflection of your body, it would be a reflection of your consciousness. It would be, the true mirror, a reflection of who, and what, you truly are.

I think, that what you would begin to see on the screen, is the neural activity becoming more and more active. I think we would be able to gain direct control over our own neural activity.
My intuition tells me, that this will some how result in an increase of intelligence, that, or a seizure...I'm hoping for the first option.

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