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"Nature’s answer to those who sought to control nature through programmable machines is to allow us to build machines whose nature is beyond programmable control." - George Dyson

I study the driving forces behind the emergence of life and intelligence, I want to bring about what I see as the next stage of its evolution in the universe. People may call this artificial intelligence, but in my view, true AI, will not be 'artificial'. It will be very much alive, and I view it as the next stage in the evolution of life in the universe. 

I'm a AI/Machine learning researcher for Vectorspace AI, I currently work as an AI researcher for CERN facilitating a research project between CERN and Vectorspace AI, to use proprietary unsupervised learning, and natural language processing methods to analyze data from the LHC in order to find hidden patterns within the data the humans have yet to recognize. I also work with a non-profit machine ethics company called EthicsNet with the goal of building a machine learning dataset of ethics in order to train machines to understand human values. 

My primary interest is highly interdisciplinary, connecting concepts from cognitive science, computational neuroscience, neurobiophysics, complexity theory, and others. 

I've authored a paper with my Mentor and Colleague Nell Watson, developing a novel theory behind how the brain works. We connect it with entropy maximization, which we view as a fundamental driving force behind the emergence of all intelligence and complexity in the universe. I've lectured at Oxford, presenting theories and ideas to several post grads and post docs, including neuroscientist Selen Atasoy. 

Our work is in the process of being patented, and we will publish our paper presenting a model based off of our theories soon. We believe our theories may be key to creating true AI. And we view its creation as similar to lighting a fire. As in when you make a fire, you don't really 'create' anything, the energy that made the fire was always there, and all one really did. Was setup the appropriate conditions for it to arise, 'lighting the spark' to catalyze its emergence. 

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  1. "To question, by definition, is to solicit information. To question everything, is to solicit all information." thats a perfect quote dude. Genius.