Thursday, August 28, 2014

Brain to synthesizer interface

I have been thinking about this idea for quite sometime. Especially during the times i would play the piano at my school. I could always hear the intricate symphony in my head, but it would never fully come out right when attempted to play. The times when i could find the keys to play what i could hear in my head. I would always find that i simply did not have enough fingers to play it. I kinda of always wished that i could just think the sounds into existence.

Well it turns out that wish is not too far fetched.

First you can interface your brain with things, not that difficult, nor too expensive.

Though the technology is still not that "accurate".

The idea itself is to program a neural interface headset with a synthesizer. Imagine, anyone, even a child, able to play instruments such as the violin beautifully and precisely, with little to no training. This technology would be the final blow to making instruments completely obsolete.

Anyone could make music, where you not just play one instrument, but multiple. All perfectly synced harmonically, all played by you, and only you.

This would be such a disruptive technology to the music industry. That i feel it would look much differently in the near future, than how it looks today.

I think this wish to simply have music play from the mind, is a wish that great composers have always dream't of. Shown in the tradition of directing music, when in reality, no directing is really needed. Bands do just find without one, and if directing was really needed. I think there are far more effective and accurate ways of doing that, than to have a man stand up waving his arms.

I think with directing, what the composers truly wanted, was to simply close their eyes. And to then have all the sounds they had built up in their head, play at the wave of their hand. As if the sounds were emerging from their very finger tips.

With this technology, this will become a reality.

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