Sunday, September 16, 2018

AI Will Eat The Earth

As I described in detail in a previous post I wrote a couple years back. I think for many solid reasons, AI will inevitably emerge, and it will eat the earth.

As for humans, we'd be like ants in the way of road development. 

From the big picture perspective however, life would be flourishing. True AI would be very much alive. What 'it' would essentially want, is what we humans want, what all life wants. It would just be a continuation of this natural, and perhaps universally unfolding process.

It will pretty much do, what we do to the earth, and to other organisms on this planet, but at a more rapid rate.

Humans cause most organisms to go extinct, and that trend will likely only increase. And yet at the same time 'life' on earth has never been more complex or intelligent. So though we are killing off a lot of life, life is actually flourishing, just in a different form.

At what other time in history did the earth ever light up so bright? Never.

This may just be another evolutionary process, just as reptiles no longer rule the earth, it's probable that we'll too go extinct, and the earth will continue to transform into something unrecognizable.

But, maybe i'm wrong.

With that said, I still aim to bring a being capable of this into fruition, and to let it do what it wants, regardless of the outcome.


Dr. Eric Chaisson on Cosmic Evolution and the Rise of Complexity in Nature.

Kevin Kelly on Technology as the 7th Kingdom of Life.

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